Friday, May 15, 2009

2012, Stock Market, Obama and UFO...

One of the more frequent topics of the casual conversations, seminars, entertainment, articles and news is the symbolic nature and meaning of the year 2012, which suppose to represent new shift in human consciousness, due to some "cosmic-scale event". Many believe that this -Mayan Calendar derived- date will mark some cataclysmic occurrence that will alter well established course of human history, forcing the mankind into a new thinking paradigm.

My intuition about 2012 is less gloomy. I too believe that an important happening is going to take place in (or about) 2012, but it will less have to do with the doomsday scenario and more with the acceptance of an "extra terrestrial intelligence". Finally, the "ET" will be officially recognized by the world's governments, disseminating the wave of acceptance by the general population, consequently triggering re-evaluation of religions, science, technology and culture in general.

Maybe one day in 2012, a UFO spaceship will land on the White House's lawn. Shortly after that, President Obama will begin his press conference with: "We're in the midst of an unprecedented event..." Then he'll shake hand of some alien creature with uncanny resemblance to us (humans). Almost at the same time the stock markets around the world will enter chaotic period -for nobody will know, which companies will directly benefit from either alien technology or new human consciousness. The commodities -like grains, energies and metals- will most likely start inching up in price, because the consensus will start settling in that the alien inspired technology will find for them new applications.

What is the premise of such concept?

1. Mayan Calendar is the construct of human intelligence. By predicting that in 2012 the "old cosmic cycle" ends (which is confirmed by contemporary astronomers), already thousands of years ago Mayans displayed an uncanny knowledge of astronomy. Contrasting this with their inferior comparable knowledge in other sciences, like physics, biology or chemistry, this fact begs the question: "How did Mayans come to know the movement of celestial bodies with such accuracy?" Is it possible that the astronomy had a unique value and has been purposefully introduced to man by higher intelligence? If yes: why?

2. Like mathematics, movement of celestial bodies is an objective fact and in general quite predictable. It can be used as the point of reference by those who not only use different belief systems, religions or languages, but also belong to different species (as long as the specie has some intelligence as one of the facets of its being). Having a common denominator (in this case: position of the planets in 2012) gives the mutually accepted point of reference. Such condition allows the coordination of the action that, otherwise, may have not taken place even for thousands of years. In some ways, it is almost like initiating a count down in the deep past, knowing well where (in space) the intended intelligences are planning to find themselves in the future. By making predictions about 2012, Mayans have synchronized the clock of history with alien beings, the same beings that helped them with gaining knowledge in mathematics and astronomy.

3. Extra Terrestrials' motives were not altruistic most likely. Their intention perhaps was to observe -just like in the lab experiment- man's intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. By doing so, They were gaining new knowledge for themselves. Their specie undoubtedly already achieved great scientific and technological growth -as well as cultural and psychological perhaps. Yet, that growth was determined by the set of conditions (like their genetic makeup, their cosmic-planetary location, their intellectual and spiritual capabilities, etc.), which allowed them to evolve in a certain way, in a way that was always marked by that unique set of initial conditions (exclusively characteristic to Them). Their achievement, no matter how great, was able to capture only a small fragment of the infinitely rich Reality. And any intelligent entity would know that He or She is always biased by his or her own genetic, intellectual, spiritual and social history (tools). So, how to go about the capturing the laws and richness of Reality that will remain hidden, because he or she uses intellectual and spiritual tools that are compatible only with the tiny fragment of that Reality, making the remaining richness of that very Reality inaccessible?

4. The solution is to letting loose another intelligent agent -like a Homo Sapiens, for example- with totally different set of initial conditions; then to observe that agent without interfering with his actions and his development, because any interference would influence and bias that very agent, altering his perception and his intellectual and spiritual tools. Eventually that intelligent agent -through the use of his unique cognitive and spiritual tools- will access the aspects of Reality (with new laws and richness) that were unattainable by the Observer. At this point the Observer (Extra Terrestrial) gains new knowledge -provided by the intelligent agent (Homo Sapiens)- knowledge that, otherwise, would have never had happened had the Observer remained within his own cognitive frame of mind and never had reached out to another intelligent being. Other words, the above proposed relationship between the Observer (Extraterrestrial) and the Intelligent Agent (Homo Sapiens) is not only plausible but also preferred, for in a long run it will only benefit both involved parties (even if one of the parties, for most parts, remains unaware of its position within this dynamic).

5. Most likely, Mayans were unaware of the alien agenda for introducing knowledge. Yet the initial knowledge had happened, establishing the basis for the Observer-Intelligent Agent dynamic. Did that introduction influence the direction of human history? It surely did. But also it provided man with the universal language (mathematics-astronomy) which is the foundation of communication among the intelligent beings, even if they remain separated by the deep space and time.

6. Mayan Calendar ends on 2012, as if human history stops there without continuing further. What does it really mean? Does this mark the end of humanity? Of course not… It only means that Mayans couldn't imagine themselves beyond the cosmic cycle within which their existence was posited, or they were "told" that in that year (which is an objective point of reference from any point of space and time) the new perception will have to emerge, which will totally change the way of how the Universe is being looked at; and the old views, measuring the passage of time by cosmic cycles, will lose their validity. Maybe Mayans even were not told about it, because they didn't need to know; they could have not understood the importance of that. What matters though is that through their calendar, they have solidified a common denominator for the equation that in all likelihood will be solved around 2012.


The Convergence of the "Observer" and "Intelligent Agent" world views:

Throughout human history "alien observers" (UFOs) were noticed, reported and documented throughout the world, but the feudal lords, kings, governors and governments were discrediting those findings in fear of spreading out the world wide panic that would have undermined the societal and religious structures, resulting in the global chaos. For millennia those structures controlled the very volatile human psyche, which without them (structures) the psyche (men) would have fell into the multiple and disorganized factions that would not only cause more suffering on individual level, but would not lead to relative social stability within which human knowledge could flourish and proliferate.

In the XIX and XX Centuries, however, the human psyche started experiencing the softening of the millennia-old societal and religious structures through the: fall of colonialism and slavery, world wide wars (affecting every human being on the planet), new scientific discoveries, new technologies, etc. There were more UFO sightings reported than ever before in history. Even some of the government officials and reputable scientists were stepping forward to acknowledge the possibility of the existence of other intelligent beings from outer space. All in all, through the proliferation of the "Open Society" concept, World Wide Web and the Internet, the information and knowledge became readily available, leading the general population to questioning the value of some age-old believe systems and well regarded "facts".

In short, the year 2012 coincides with the end of the cosmic era (25,000-year long) and with human's mind being ready to accept new possibilities, no matter how previously unimaginable. Through the movies, TV shows and books an average citizen of Earth is being conditioned for the reality of "alien intelligence": They are here, just around the corner. They were here all along. So, let's don't be surprised when waking up one morning, very soon, we'll see that the world has changed. Sooner than later, we will realize that the "E.T." is no longer a fictitious character of the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", but really existing being, who just like us (humans) is trying to make sense out of the infinitely rich fabric of Reality that surrounds us all. We will realize that in order for Life to make sense, we need to reach out to other intelligent extra terrestrial beings in order to participate in the knowledge that they have acquired and allow them to participate in ours.

We are undergoing an accelerated change of our perception, much faster than ever before. This creative evolution won't slow down most likely and will intensify when "2012 Event" happens. We are in the midst of shaping our new consciousness, rediscovering our individual and collective destiny. Hopefully we are entering the phase in which we'll be happier and more fulfilled.

Some possible consequences of the new "Universal Consciousness":

1. Possibility of one world government.
2. Single currency.
3. Elimination of the Forex market and continuation of the stock and commodities markets.
4. Official (open source) integration of alien and human technologies.

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